DATE: 1973

MISC NOTES: This 1973 album was compiled by Mark Shipper who also penned the liner notes. It was released at a time when two of the founders -- Buck Ormsby and Kent Morrill -- of the moribund Etiquette Records label were not seeing eye-to-eye regarding the current status and future of their old company. The Sonics' original Etiquette recordings had basically been out-of-print and unavailable for a half-decade, and the old Master Tapes were scattered and unaccounted for. It is thought that Shipper came to terms with Morrill regarding this album -- but they used new tape recordings of vintage vinyl pressings to produce this. Hence some needle-drop noises between songs. The name of Shipper's label -- BuckShot -- was also seen as a slight jab at Buck due to his reticence to cooperate with the project. In hindsight, the release of Explosives can be seen as the first step in a revival of outside interest in the Sonics.

Side One
1. He's Waitin' (G. Roslie)
2. Strychnine (G. Roslie)
3. Cinderella (G. Roslie)
4. Have Love Will Travel (R. Berry)
5. Dirty Robber (K. Morrill - J. Greek)
6. The Witch (G. Roslie)

Side Two
1. Boss Hoss (G. Roslie)
2. Louie, Louie (R. Berry)
3. Money (J. Bradford - B. Gordy)
4. Psycho (G. Roslie)
5. Shot Down (G. Roslie)
6. Keep A Knockin' (Penniman - Collins)

LOCATION: Seattle, WA / Tacoma, WA
RECORDING STUDIO: Audio Recording, Inc. / Wiley - Griffith Studios
RECORDING ENGINEER: Kearney Barton / Bill Wiley

FORMAT: disc
SIZE: 12"
SPEED: 33 1/3 rpm
DISC NOTES: All selections previously issued on Etiquette Records

A-SIDE MATRIX: U 3701  BSP 001 - 1

B-SIDE MATRIX: U 3702  BSP 001 - 2