"Love Lights" / "Like No Other Man"

LABEL: Jerden
SERIAL#: 809
DATE: [Not Issued]


Both of these recordings were released in 45 rpm format on Jerden, but not "back- to- back" as on this cataloged single. "Love Lights" was issued on Jerden #809. "Like No Other Man" was issued on  Jerden #810.  However, one "blank white label" 45 rpm  test pressing featuring both selections (JD - 237 & JD - 238 (^62127 ca. June, 1966) has been found.

"Like No other Man" album reissues:

1) ????. Side # , track # Introducing The Sonics  (Jerden JRL/JRLS 7007)

2) 1966. Side One, track #2 compilation lp Battle Of The Bands, (Panorama LP-103)

3) 1982. Side One, Track #2 compilation lp History Of Northwest Rock Volume IV (The Great Northwest Music Company GNW-4010)