In Hollywood

SERIAL#: 7789
DATE: 1981


Side One
1. In Hollywood! (Ian Whitcomb)
2. Oh! What A Beauty [The Marrow Song] (Edrich Siebert)
3. Somethin' Stupid (Carson Parks)
3. Ill Stand Beneath Your Window Tonight [And Whistle] (Benson & McHugh)
4. And I Love Her/She Loves You [Beatles Medley]  (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
5. Humphry Bobart (Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller)
6. Do Something (Bud Green & Sam H. Strept)
7. Then Came The Dawn (Al Dubin & Bill Warren)

Side Two
1. They're Parking Camels Where The Taxis Used To Be (I Grant & G. Rees)
2. Muriel Oxenburg Murphy (Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller)
3. And Then He Bit Me (Ian Whitcomb)
4. This Ole House (Stuart Hamblin)
5. Moby Dick (Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller)
6. Til You Come Home (Ian Whitcomb)
7. Charlie's A Cripple [You Know] (Ian Whitcomb)
8. The Daughter Of Rosey O'Grady (Monty C. Brice, Walter Donaldson)
9. Goodnight (Sturminster Newton & Melbury Bubb)

LOCATION: Hollywood, CA - Altadena, CA. 
RECORDING PERSONNEL:  (On one or more tracks)  - Ian Whitcomb [piano, organ, ukele], synthesizer, whistle, goose call, percussion]; Ray Pohlman [bass]; Dave Pinto [synthesizer strings & bass]; Willis Masonhelmer [tuba, trombone]; Michael Arnold [clarinet]; Jerry Robinson [guitar]; Charley Straight & W.H. [piano]

Crystal Palace Orchestra: Sharl Zippert, Dicterow [violin]; Barbara Thomason [viola]; Jackie Lustgarten [cello]; Fred Sekora [double bass]; Mike Stoller, Varda Ullman [piano]; Georgia Alwan [flute]; Jim Kantor [clarinet]; Malcomb McNabb [trumpet]; Mike Vlatkovich [trombone]; Willie Masonhelmer [tuba]; Ken Park [drums]
RECORDING STUDIO: Paramount Recording Studios; Western/United Record Recorders; Superior Olive; Ian's home.
RECORDING ENGINEER: Roger Dollarhide, Frank Nadsady, Peter Haden, Chuck Britz, Rob Miller, Jerry Robinson, Peter Cole, John Kovarek

FORMAT: disc
SIZE: 12"
SPEED: 33 1/3 rpm

A-SIDE MATRIX: FA  7789 - A    Mastered At Allen Zentz L.A.,Calif.

B-SIDE MATRIX: FA 7789 - B    Mastered At Allen Zentz L.A., Calif