Central Singers, The

SERIAL#: 21491
DATE: 1965


Side 1
1.) Praise Ye The Lord (Giuseppi Pitoni)
2.) Jubilate Deo - A Sacred Symphony (Giovani Gabrieli)
3.) Mein Schwester Liebe Braut - Song Of Songs (Melchior Franck)
4.) How Lovely Are Thy Tabernacles - Parts I & III (Jean Berger)
5.)White In The Moon (Noble Cain

Side 2
1.) Four Love Songs From Op. 52 and 65: (Johannes Brahmes)
A Tremor's In The Branches
Nightingale, The Sweetest Song
Bird In The Air Will Stray Far
From Yon Hills The Torrent Speeds
2.) O Clap Your Hands (M. Thomas Cousins)
3.) The Creation (Tom Scott)
4.) Lovely Heart (Hugh Robertson)
5.) Foggy Day (Arr. Robert Panerio)
6.) Certn'y Lord (Arr. Leonard De Paur)

LOCATION: Ellensburg, WA
RECORDING PERSONNEL: Choir members names on back of record jacket
Mary Hartling, Pat Baker, Linda Wellman [piano/accompanists],; Gary Anderson, James Bennetsen, Paul Dossett, Patricia Gross, James Haugen, Wilder Jones, Glenn Kelly, Gary Lieberg, Danny Murphy,  [Brass Ensemble]; Susan Erickson, Judy Ashcraft, Kenneth Hodgson, Patricia Smith, Les Lundberg [soloists]; Ron Feller [narrator]
RECORDING STUDIO: Location Recording

FORMAT: disc
SIZE: 12"
SPEED: 33 1/3 rpm

A-SIDE STAMPER CODE: F - V - 21491 - 1 (etched wax)

B-SIDE STAMPER CODE: F - V - 21491 - 2 (etched wax)