The Lord's Song

SERIAL#: ESP 680 - 04
DATE: 1980


Side !
1. The Lord's Song (Jim Moore)
2. God Loves Me (Jim Moore)
3 What God Has Done (Jim Moore)
4. Christ In Me And Me In Christ (Jim Moore)
5. Burden Down (Trad.)
6. Somebody Bigger Than You And I (Johnny Lange - Hy Heath - Francis Burke)

Side 2
1. Don't Look Back (Marty McCall)
2. Easter Song (Anne Herring)
3. Song To Make You Happy (Jim Moore)
4. The Preacher And The Bear (George Fairman)
5. Psalm 150 (Jim Moore)
6. Want To See My Jesus (Jim Moore)


LOCATION: Whittier, CA
RECORDING PERSONNEL: Jim Moore [guitar, vocals]; Rob Courtney [drums, percussion]; Jeff Valentine [trumpet]; Wendi Riggs [flute, background vocals]; Brian Combs [harmonica, background vocals]; Paul Svenson [guitars, bass, keyboards, mandolin]; Kathy McMillan, Carolyn Jillson [violins]; Karen Sizel, Maria Lane [cellos]; Dave Sferrazza [string arrangements]
RECORDING STUDIO: Earth Sound Productions
RECORDING ENGINEER: Greg Fast - Paul Svenson

FORMAT: vinyl disc
SIZE: 12"
SPEED: 33 1/3 rpm
DISC NOTES: also released on cassette tape.

A-SIDE MATRIX: ESP - 680 - 04 - A

B-SIDE MATRIX: ESP - 680 - 04 - B