Cadillac To Mexico

DATE: 2001


1.Run To The Border (Kent Morrill)
2. Lookin' For R.B. (Richard Dangel)
3. Cadillac To Mexico (David Kitchen)
4. Shanghaied (R. Dangel - J. Greek)
5. It's You Alone (Ron Wayne Davies)
6. Hey Senorita (Carl Green - Curtis Williams)
7. Mood Elevator (Burrell Palmer)
8. Sweet Dancin' Lady (Rick Wild - K. Morrill]
9.  Make Your Move (K. Morrill - J. Ormsby)
10. Lookin' For Some Rhythm & Blues (Rich Dangel - Kent Morrill)
11. You Make Falling In Love So Easy (Rick Wild)
12. Walk On (Kent Morrill)
13. She's The One I Love (Robert Lighthouse)
14. Cadillac To Mexico [Alternate Mix] (David Kitchen)

LOCATION:  Seattle, WA / Tacoma, WA
RECORDING PERSONNEL:  (On one or more tracks. Insert "booklet " ascribes individual artists to specific songs) Kent Morrill [lead vocal, piano, organ, Hammond organ]; Richard Dangel [lead guitar]; Buck Omrsby [bass]; Steve Peterson, Ben Smith, Wedge Michaels, Darin Watkins  [drums]; Mike Skansie [rhythem guitar, second guitar, slide guitar]; John Goforth [tenor sax, baritone sax]; Kim Eggers [tenor sax, background vocals];  Neil Rush [baritone sax];Doug Mackey [cowbell, background vocals]; Gary Schelhammer [congas];  Michael Kinder [tymbalis]; Cesar Amaral, John Benedetti [trumpet];  Larry Parypa [2nd guitar]; Jeffrey Simmons [Wurlitzer piano]; Cynthia Boggs, Gaye Windson, Billy Stoops [rhythm guitar, background vocals]; Leanne Trevalyan [guiro, congas,  background vocals]

RECORDING STUDIO:  55th St. Studios / Uptone Studios
RECORDING ENGINEER:  Guy Staley, Brandon Pitts / Wes Weresch

FORMAT: compact disc

Final "new" recordings from The (Fabulous) Wailers