Monticello Junior High School Ninth Grade Choir

SERIAL#: SP 3345
DATE: 1964-??-??


Side 1
1. Heavenly Light (A. Kopylow)
2. Miserere Mei (Antonio Lotti)
3. I Will Extol The, O Lord (L. Stanley Glarum)
4. O Praise God In His Sanctuary (Thomas Matthews)
5. He Shall Come Down Like Rain (Clifford McCormick
6. Be Thou Not Still (David Foltz)

Side 2
1. O Come, O Come Eemmanuel (arr. Paul Christiansen
2. Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head (arr. G. Schroth
3. How Sad Flow The Streams (Johannes Brahms)
4. Awake, Awake! (Johannes  Brahms)
5. Shenandoah (arr. Lee Kjelson)
6. Ride The Chariot (arr. Wm. Henry Smith)

LOCATION: Longview, WA
RECORDING PERSONNEL: All choir members names listed on back of album jacket
RECORDING STUDIO: The Sound Preservers (Recorded in the R.A. Long High School Auditorium 4/29/64)

FORMAT: disc
SIZE: 12"
SPEED: 133 1/3 rpm
DISC NOTES: Directed by Lawrence B. Marsh

A-SIDE MATRIX: SP3345  1A   Side 1

B-SIDE MATRIX:  SP3345  RE-1A   Side B