SERIAL#: 1186
DATE: 1987

MISC NOTES: Album title on jacket = KINETICS: The Continuing ADVENTURES  SNAKE DANCE

Side One
1. Snakedance (R. Rogers)
2. Shake (R. Rogers)
3. Cool Water (R. Rogers)
4. Curtis Walker (R. Rogers)
5. She Lost The Beat (R. Rogers - D. Davison)

Side Two
1. Big City Blues (R. Rogers)
2. Tired Of Waiting (R. Rogers)
3. Let Her Go (R. Rogers)
4. Hey La La Lee (R. Rogers)
5. Take A Train (R. Rogers

LOCATION: Seattle, WA / Seattle, WA
RECORDING PERSONNEL: Roger Rogers [guitar, percussion, lead vocals]; Daniel Davison [keyboards, percussion, background vocals]; Roger Baldwin [drums, percussion]; Denney Goodhew [sax]; Cami McManus, Tami Allen, Coy Owen, Valerie Rosa, Kathy Moore, Shelly, [background vocals
RECORDING STUDIO: Ironwood Studios / The Studio
RECORDING ENGINEER: Jay Follette / Coy Owen, Jay Follette

FORMAT: disc
SIZE: 12"
SPEED: 33 1/3 rpm

A-SIDE MATRIX: ETLP - 1186 - 1   RE - 1  CAL 140  L 25908
A-SIDE PUBLISHER:  Valet Publishing (BMI)

B-SIDE MATRIX:  ETLP - 1186 - 2  RE - 1  CAL 141  L 25908
B-SIDE PUBLISHER: Valet Publishing (BMI)