The Fleetwoods: Gretchen, Gary And Barbara

SERIAL#: 8002
DATE: 1960


Group photo on jacket front used on 45 rpm picture sleeve "Graduation's Here / "Oh Lord Let It Be" (Dolton No. 4 as well as on Fleetwoods Doton  502 45 rpm EP.

The photo has also been utilized on a generic aftermarket Fleetwoods 45 rpm record sleeve. That sleeve is characterized  by album cover song times below THE and to left of FLEETWOODS being blacked out.

Album issued in mono (BLP-2002) and stereo (BST-2002) formats.

Side One
l. Bye, Bye Blackbird (Henderson - Dixon)
2. Truly Do (T. Edmonson)
3. Skylark (Carmichael - Mercer)
4. My Sister's Love (Troxel - Christopher - Ellis)
5. I Believe (Drake - Graham - Shirl - Stillman)
6. Runaround (Cerino Celacrai)

Side Two
1. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Sylvia - Lopez)
2. One For My Baby (Arlan - Mercer)
3, Once In A While (Edwards - Green)
4. Turtle Dove (Troxel - Christopher - Ellis)
5. Time Of Love (G. Christopher)
6. Outside My Window (David - Edwards)


FORMAT: disc
SIZE: 12"
SPEED: 33 1/3 rpm

Known label variations:
1.) A - B mono retail disc. Second three fish logo. Light blue label with dark blue lettering and numerals.

2.) A - B mono disc. Third three fish logo. Dark blue label with black numerals and lettering. Multi-colored DOLTON in horizontal rectangular box to left of spindle hole.No change in album jacket.


A-SIDE MATRIX: BLP 2002  1  Side One

B-SIDE MATRIX: BLP 2002   1 Side Two