Twist Party Vol. 2

SERIAL#: 8014
DATE: 1962


Issued in mono (BLP - 2014) and stereo (BST - 2014) formats

Highest  Billboard chart position = #40 in May,1962

Side One
1. My Bonnie Lies (Wilson - Bogle - Edwards)
2. Twisted (Wilson - Bogle)
3. The Twomp (Don Wilson)
4. Besame Mucho (Consuela Velazquez)
5. Blue Tail Fly (Wilson - Bogle - Edwards)
6. Swanee River Twist (Wilson - Bogle - Edwards)

Side Two
1. Instant Guitars (Wilson - Bogle - Edwards)
2. Dark Eyes Twist (Wilson - Bogle - Edwards)
3. Counterpoint (Bob Bogle)
4.Kicking Around (Wilson - Bogle)
5. Bluebird (Nole Edwards)
6. Red Wing Twist (Wilson - Bogle - Edwards)


FORMAT: disc
SIZE: 12"
SPEED: 33 1/3 rpm

Known label variations:

Twist Party Vol. 2
1.) A - B retail disc. "1st"  design.. Light blue label. Dark blue numerals and letters. Fish logo to left of spindle hole. ("2nd" label design on album jacket)

1964. The twist dance fad/craze having passed, Twist Party  Vol. 2 was repackaged and rereleased as Dance With The Ventures. Mono and stereo formats were issued with album numbers remaining BLP-2014 or BST - 8014.

Song tracks were also with the same. However,  the word "twist" was  reportedly dropped from the titles of side one, track #6, side two, track #2 and side two, track #6

Dance With The Ventures
1.) A - B mono retail disc. "1st" label design. Light blue background with black numerals and lettering. Fish logo to left of spindle hole. At least some of these reissues continued to show the lp name as Twist Party Vol. 2 with song titles not altered.

A-SIDE MATRIX: BLP - 2014 - 1D      (Side 1)

B-SIDE MATRIX: BLP - 2014 - 1D      (Side 2)