(Two Car Garage) Of Rock' n Roll

DATE: 2009

MISC NOTES: This was a collaborative recording project between two Tacoma bands: The Wailers and The Ventures. It was issued in two formats: disc and compact disc. The 33 1/3 LP album format:(BH 100-1). The Compact Disc: (BH 100-1). [NOTE: This album is being listed twice in our database: once crediting the Ventures, another crediting the Wailers -- so that their individual discographies are complete.]


1. I Hear You Knockin' / Keep A Knockin' (D. Bartholomew - P. King / Richard Penniman)
2. Surf Rider [A.K.A. Spudnick] (N. Edwards - B. Bogle - D. Wilson)
3. Rebel-Rouser (Lee Hazelwood - Duane Eddy)
4. Wailin' (John Greek - Rich Dangel)
5. Out Of Our Tree (Ron Gardner - John Ormsby - Kent Morrill)
6. Let's Go (Lanny Duncan - Robert Duncan)
7. Tequila (Chuck Rio)
8. Needles And Pins (Sonny Bono - Jack Nitzche)
9. Beat Guitar (Kent Morrill - Rich Dangel - John Greek)
10. Dirty Robber (Kent Morrill - Rich Dangel - John Greek)
11. Wild Weekend (T.H. Shannon - P. Todaro
12. California Sun (Henry Glover - Morris Levy)
13. Tall Cool One (John Greek - Rich Dangel - Kent Morrill)
14. When You Walk In The Room (Jackie De Shannon)
15. Wipe Out (Robert E. Berryhill - James E. Fuller - Ronald L. Wilson - Patrick V. Connelly "The Surfaris")
16. Road Runner (John Greek - Rich Dangel)
17. Black Is Black (S. Wadley - T. Hayes - M. Grainger)
18. Louie Louie (Richard Berry)

RECORDING PERSONNEL:  Accompanying booklet insert credits individual artists to specific songs. Bob Spaulding [lead guitar rhythm guitar]; Don Wilson [lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals]; Buck Ormsby, Bob Bogle [bass guitar]; Kent Morrill [piano, keyboards, vocals]; Nokie Edwards [lead guitar, bass guitar]; David Carr [keyboards]; Dino Saldo [saxophone]; John Hanford [guitar]; Neil Rush [tenor & baritone sax]; Leon Taylor, Ricky Lynn Johnson, Lee Kix, Russ Kammerer, Dave Roland  [drums]; Ann Herring, Gaye Windsor  [background vocals]; Gerry McGee [lead guitar, sitar]; Biff Vincent [added vocals]; Kim Eggers [tenor saxophone]; Neil Anderson [guitar]; Ron Gardner [saxophone];
RECORDING ENGINEER: Todd Ensminger, Biff Vincent, Craig Nepp, James Johnson
FORMAT: compact disc
DISC NOTES: Version I: Limited first run of 3000