The Boys From Tacoma

SERIAL#: 012693
DATE: 1993

MISC NOTES: Actual Serial Number = ETCD 012693. Subtitle: Anthology 1961-1969. Accompanied by informational/photo booklet

Track #s 23 & 24 listed below as "Hang Up" and "I'm Down" should be "I'm Down" and "Hang Up"

LOCATION: Seattle, WA / Tacoma, WA
RECORDING PERSONNEL: Kent Morrill, Rich Dangel, Mike Burk, Mark Marush, Buck Ormsby, Ron Gardner, Neil Anderson, Dave /Roland, Denny Weaver
RECORDING ENGINEER: (1960s) Joe Boles, Bill Wiley, Don Geis, Kearney Barton, Ben Jordan

FORMAT: compact disc

1, Wailers's House Party
2. Louie Louie
3. Frenzy
4. Mashi
5. Dirty Robber
6. San-Ho-Zay
7. Sac O' Woe
8. Limbo Twist
9, Since You Been Gone
10. Tough Walk
11. Tall Cool One
12. Doin' The Seaside
13. Isabella
14. Zig Zag
15. Shakedown
16. Baby Don't You Do It
17. The Wailer
18. Soul Long
19. You Weren't Using Your Head
20. You Better Believe it
21. Bad Trip
22. Out Of Our Tree
23.Hang Up
24. I'm Down
25. It's You Alone
26. Smokestack Lightnin'
27. Walk Thru The People